Fresh Milk


Our Vintage Milk Float is open 24 hours a day - 7 days a week!


Churchfields milk is produced right here on the farm and is pasteurised and non-homogenised. Our Pedigree herd have received numerous awards and are farmed to Red Tractor Standards which produces great tasting milk and ice cream. 

Non-Homogenised milk is essentially milk that has been left in its natural state and has not had the fat particles broken down under pressure; therefore the cream sits on top.

Located on site in our car park, and available in both whole and semi-skimmed, you need only purchase your bottle and tokens from our Farmshop to have fresh, delicious milk whenever you like!

Our decorative glass bottles are priced at only £3.00. Milk tokens can be purchased for £1, or you can buy 12 milk tokens for the price of 10!

Skimmed milk can also be purchased from The Barn, please purchase a bottle or bring your own and our friendly Barn team will fill it up for you.


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